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A study was conducted to determine the engineering properties viz. compres sive strength, toughness index and water absorption capacity of the laterite stone scrap blocks. The cement was used as binding material and added in the range of 12 to 16%. The maximum. compressive strength 10.3N/mm2 was observed for the block having 84% laterite stone scrap, 16% cement. The maximum toughness index of 14.3 was observed for the block. ‘Weight of Classic bricks is 17-18kg gives more work ability compared to natural laterite blocks, which is 23 & 32 kgs respectively. The raw materials for Classic bricks are laterite soil and cement. As the 90% of soil content so they have cooling properties hence they keep the home cool during summers which is a great benefit for hot regions. And this will reduce our electricity bills Due to its natural properties, Classic bricks has good thermal insulation properties and they easily adapt adjust with the weather. Our bricks are uniform in sizes so further plastering of walls is optional, as they look clean and smooth without plastering as well. It can gain strength over a period of time due to weather conditions. Water absorb is 70% less compared to natural laterite stone. And strength will be 5-10times higher than natural laterite stone.

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